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3 Ways to Get the Most Out of CustomerGauge's API

Blog by Ian Luck
August 19, 2020

With a full range of API (Application Programming Interface) methods to connect to enterprise systems, CustomerGauge makes it absolutely effortless for businesses to connect to ERP, CRM, BI and e-commerce systems and measure Net Promoter® Score. Companies can connect CustomerGauge to multiple systems in real time and be on top of their NPS program. Close the loop in Zendesk, launch marketing campaigns in HubSpot or connect to your call-centre system, and much, much more.

Today we turn to our resident integrations expert Roy Chandra who will share with us the top 3 ways to get the most out of CustomerGauge’s API.

1. Scheduled, event-based capabilities for higher response rate

Do you know the difference between a good and a bad joke? It’s timing. Similarly, your timing needs to be right to get your customers to respond to your survey. Sending a survey to customers a week after a support call or before they have had a chance to fully experience your product is an example of bad timing. Using CustomerGauge’s API, you can better control the time of your survey.

Program your call center system to trigger the API to send a survey immediately after a support call. Alternatively, incorporating CustomerGauge’s API at the end of the supply chain management, after the product is delivered to the end customer will get you a better response rate.

The best time to survey can vary - for telephone support, ten minutes after a resolution has been reached on the phone is recommended, for ecommerce, a week after the transaction, so that customers have time to test their products. For B2B relationships, twice annually is generally considered advisable, staggered throughout the year, and so on.

2. Improve contact data quality

Once you start sending and analysing surveys, it’s important to track what’s happening with them. Businesses with large contact databases often stumble upon recipient emails that no longer exist. Perhaps that contact is no longer with the company or there is a typo in the email address. Either way, companies can use our API to get the status for each failed to deliver email. Doing so allows businesses to get the most up to date picture of their contact list and better understand the root cause of their survey response rates.

3. Manage your Organization’s Hierarchy

If you are a large organization you might want to customize data access so information is provided on a position-based level. Agents only see their own data, mid-level managers see their team’s data and upper management receive the company-wide view. With our Organization Hierarchy API you can also easily build and maintain your organization’s hierarchy inside CustomerGauge. Get a great deal of flexibility to present your company’s internal organization in CustomerGauge, determine data access controls accordingly and adapt your analysis as your company changes and grows.

"Our APIs are flexible, scalable and secure with HTTPS encryption and IP whitelisting. Most of all, they offer no limit to your build application dreams." - Roy Chandra

Our Customers are Our API Champions.

The best way to discover all API options is to start using and playing with them. And what better way to get an idea of what you can do and achieve with our REST APIs than hearing from our customers! Here is a customer story to inspire you:

One of our clients uses the API to send customer details to CustomerGauge as soon as an agent hangs up the phone, and within two minutes the same customer receives an email survey to gather a score and a comment. The results of this activity have pushed response above 50%.

"...we are extremely happy with the performance of the API, which performs perfectly." - Melitta 

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