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Apple Tops Sat Survey, No One Surprised

pc_sat_survey_jAs reported in The Register, Apple has the highest highest level of customer satisfaction among computer-buying consumers, according to a recent study (PDF) conducted by ChangeWave Research. Apple scored 81% "Very Satisfied". Dell, HP, Lenovo languished around the 50% mark - or to put it another way, around 50% of their buyers were only "somewhat satisfied" or worse...As the owner of multiple PCs and Macs, I completely relate to the scores, but it's not for hardware reasons. Using a computer is more than the the box design or reliability - it's the operating system and the software. And I suspect that I am not alone in having a poor experience with Vista that has caused this score. We have perfectly nice HP and Sony notebooks. Hardware design and build: excellent. Software: Not so great. Slow performance of Windows Vista and lost productivity. Overall user experience: Mediocre to lousy.Compare this to my new MacBook Pro: Instant start up. Immediately finds WiFi. Search is a breeze. "Just works". Overall experience: superb. I would be one of those voting "very satisfied".PC makers - I feel sympathy for you. If I was in your crew, I would seriously consider if the Windows platform is damaging the hardware brand. Better hope Windows 7 is as good as OS-X...

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