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Art Imitates Life with the Net Promoter® System

The Net Promoter® System is starting to permeate the wider world, and it would appear even as far as the world of art.

[caption id="attachment_15133" align="alignright" width="414"]image1 The Net Promoter smileys are appearing everywhere, even in the world of art.[/caption]

Riding into our Amsterdam office, I spotted this poster right outside our office and had to discover just what it was all about. On closer inspection, the poster was for an art installation by Vaast Colson and while it has nothing to do with Rob Markey’s NPS graphic, it looks a lot like it.

And if you’re wondering, the poster's NPS score is 16. A while ago, we created our own neat little tool that helps add some colorful graphics to your NPS numbers, take a look.

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