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Case study: Feedback shaping young leaders better across the world (Aiesec, B2C)

Blog by Adam Dorrell
February 14, 2018

With 100,000 members across 124 countries, AIESEC is the world’s largest youth-run network. The non-profit organisation aims to help young people around the world grow and develop through international internship and leadership programs.

In an effort to bring the voice of its customers – young people who go on exchange programs – into the organisation in a systematic way, AIESEC originally piloted a simple DIY Net Promoter® survey.

But with over 800 offices across the globe, it needed a centralised survey and feedback solution that could automatically deliver reporting and insights to relevant decision-makers, and so the organisation decided to partner with CustomerGauge.

Surveying across 100+ countries

After rolling out a pilot Net Promoter program with CustomerGauge in the second half of 2012, the organisation is now sending up to 30,0000 Transactional surveys a month across more than 100 countries. In order to build a complete picture of the customer journey, customers are surveyed at three points - when they are placed in an exchange program, when they arrive in the country of their placement, and when the experience is completed.


The feedback and reporting is automatically delivered to 1,000 individual staff members across the globe, and helping the organisation to shape exchange experiences and programs. In terms of operations, AIESEC has shifted away from developing products based on internal evaluations, and instead developed a process to involve feedback into product development with the goal to increase Promoters.

As well as this, the Net Promoter program has had an impact on the culture of the organisation.
“AIESEC has always been aware of the impact of the experiences we provide, but never so much as we are now,” said Juan Carlos Peña Puertas, Director of Operations and Strategy. “Hearing what people are saying about their experiences has had an incredible impact on our culture, and people inside the organisation are much more passionate about what we do.”

The future

With feedback now embedded into its internal processes and product development, AIESEC will soon begin to survey its partners – the multinationals, NGOs, and other organisations that give global youth these amazing opportunities.

Download the case study here:

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