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Case Study: Fighting Corrosion with Customer Service (Dörken MKS System, B2B)

Dörken MKS Systems produces and configures surface protection for the automotive, wind, construction and aviation industries under the brand name DELTA-MKS®, and in 2011 started a Net Promoter® project with CustomerGauge.

Headquartered in Herdecke, Germany, it has regional branches in the US, South America, China, Korea, and Japan. The company provides  high level of technical service and products that meet exacting standards and complex specifications.

The case study describes how the Net Promoter project was implemented for their two-tier channels, together with CustomerGauge partner in Germany JSW Consulting.

Originally implemented in order to understand customers from a neutral standpoint, the survey succeeded in providing Dörken with successful results and useful feedback. And underscoring the fact that the company is a leader in its field in terms of customer service, at the end of 2011 it won an industry award for Best Professional Supplier in the category of “Substance and Semi-Finished Goods.”

Commented the Dörken Project Manager: “Immediate feedback was great from within the company and people were really curious to find out what their customers had said.” 

We are pleased to have such a technically advanced client in Dörken MKS  with excellent client focus.

Download the case study here:

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