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Case Study: How the inventor of the coffee filter is delivering a high-caffeine shot of Net Promoter excellence (Melitta)

Blog by Adam Dorrell
February 14, 2018

Melitta is the 100 year old Minden, Germany based manufacturer of branded products. Founded by housewife Melitta Bentz, inventor of the paper coffee filter, its main activities are production and marketing in the fields of coffee, food storage and preparation, and domestic cleaning. Probably its most well-known product is its fully automated coffee machines. However, the company has a number of brands in its portfolio that enjoy leading positions across many international markets. And they are totally committed to excellent customer service.

This case study describes how their Net Promoter project was implemented for their customer relationships and customer service systems together with CustomerGauge partner in Germany J/S/W Consulting.

Highlight of the system is the automated link from the call center to the CustomerGauge system via the API (CustomerGauge Application Programming Interface). Within moments a survey is sent out to the customer, resulting in a 60% response rate.

The system has already started to make an impact. Prior to the rollout, Melitta was confident that customers had a strong emotional bond with the brand and products. But the survey result surpassed all expectations, with initial scores above NPS +50 to back up the very high response rate.

Download the case study here:

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