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Case Study: Checking Up On Customer Loyalty (nib health funds, B2C)

Blog by Adam Dorrell
February 14, 2018

nib health funds is one of Australia’s fastest growing health funds, providing health cover to more than 850,000 people nationwide.
This case study explains how a partnership with Genroe and CustomerGauge helps nib to consistently build on earlier successes and provide better products and services to customers.

The company began Transactional Surveys for its customers across its Customer Care Centre and Retail Centres in February 2010. After a period of implementing its own surveys, nib had approximately 10,000 responses in its database. However, despite the considerable amount of data the company had accrued, it came to a point where the Sales and Marketing team could not effectively analyse the data and summarize it into actionable insights. nib connected with CustomerGauge and Australian partner Genroe while researching best practices on how to analyse the data. Says Customer Intelligence Manager Renee Farnham: “Genroe and CustomerGauge really helped us put our data into a format where we can pull out segments of our Net Promoter Score and really understand what’s driving it and how it’s developing over time.”

Though the company chose Net Promoter for a number of reasons, the single most important factor was its ability to help the company see itself from the individual customer’s point of view. The decision to partner with Genroe and CustomerGauge brought with it a number of investment benefits that offset some of the external costs and also provided new tools and insights to improve customer service more effectively.

These included:
  • Faster and more effective data analysis that comes from working with customer loyalty professionals and specialized software;
  • The advantages of using industry-leading solutions to help identify new ways of improving customer service, creating new products and services as a result; and
  • Allowing the nib Sales and Marketing team to focus on core competencies, rather than diverting attention to survey implementation and data analysis.
CustomerGauge is proud to work with such a proactive leader in delivery of healthcare.

Download the case study here:

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