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Customer Success Meetup – QBRs, NPS® & Growth

Blog by Ian Luck
February 14, 2018

Last week on the 18th May, CustomerGauge’s Customer Success Managers (CSMs) held a Customer Success Meetup in our Amsterdam office. Twenty-five customer success professionals from all over the Netherlands, and in different industries, attended.

What We Learned...

  • Only a few CSMs had regular contact with their customers on an ongoing basis
  • Around half used NPS
  • Around half knew their retention rate

The session focused on best practices for making your customers more successful, and helping them achieve their strategic goals. At CustomerGauge, the CSMs hold quarterly business reviews (QBRs) with their customers – a structured approach towards growing long-term profit, with clear goals set in every meeting to achieve before the next one.

Our Tips For Customer Success

Customer Success - The CustomerGauge Way Customer Success - The CustomerGauge 

The three stages for success that CustomerGauge focuses on are ‘Measure’, ‘Act’ and ‘Grow’, which each stage having a maturity checklist that the customer must complete before moving onto the next stage. We shared some insights with the community:

For the ‘Measure’ portion, we discussed how to get buy-in from your CEO, and why short surveys garner a better response rate. Sharing results internally encourages company-wide interest into the program.

Once they’ve completed these steps, the customers move on to the ‘Act’ stage – where you then look to change based on NPS score, by setting targets for your program. Also, closing the loop and sending ‘Thank You’s is a big step in making an NPS program more successful.

The final stage for our customers is ‘Grow’ – where we ask, “do you know how many customers leave you each year?” If not, we help them formulate a retention calculation for their organization. As well as this, we work together to find which areas of the business we can grow in revenue.

Of course, we enjoyed pizza and wine after the session!

Here’s our question to you - Do you have contact with your customers on an ongoing basis? Do you know your customer retention rate, and is it tied to your NPS score? Let us know at

Networking and Pizza! Networking and Pizza!

If you want to read more about best practices for your NPS program, download our ebook, The Executive's Guide to a Net Promoter System® here.

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