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Connecting Net Promoter to the World with CustomerGauge 3.0 API


No IT system is an island. Most enterprise systems have ways of getting data in and out - some easier than others. But at CustomerGauge, we are proud of our track record in integrating with all sorts of diverse systems from mainframes to PC servers.

We have interfaced with, SAP.CRM, Siebel, DigitalRiver, Magento to name a few.

Part of our ability to do this is our publicly documented and available API (Application Programming Interface) system. For those that wouldn't know an API from your BMI, an API is an "application program interface" - it allows CustomerGauge to automatically send and retrieve data to and from any external system. And we're proud to announce new upgrades to our set of APIs for CustomerGauge 3.0.

The updates extend the previous API system (2.0)  to simply and quickly get data in and out of nearly any external system.

For the new 3.0 API, we use well known interfaces, and several standard ‘methods’. The APIs are REST-based. You can use them with XML or JSON input/output. Files can be “POSTed” to the API for improved security.

We now follow a "CRUD" scheme - you can Create, Retrieve, Update and Delete records as needed. You can read all about the differences and new capabilities on the CustomerGauge Support Site.


Next Up: CustomerGauge takes clients “Fax to the Future” with Net Promoter Faxback

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