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Free Extension Enables Magento Ecommerce Users to Implement Net Promoter with CustomerGauge

Blog by Ian Luck
February 14, 2018

Following from integrations with platforms such as CRM and Digital River ecommerce, CustomerGauge has released a Magento extension that enables users to automatically survey customers for their Magento ecommerce sites.

The announcement means that more than 200,000 businesses that use Magento as an ecommerce solution now have the potential to implement a Net Promoter program and integrate it with CustomerGauge.

How it works

The extension works by utilising the CustomerGauge API (Application Programming Interface), to automatically dispatch customer data from the Magento site to the CustomerGauge system. At a set time following a completed order, CustomerGauge automatically invites customers who make a purchase to complete a short, two-question Net Promoter survey.

The survey automation process means that sensitive customer data does not need to be manually extracted from Magento, reducing the risk of data being compromised and significantly increasing the speed of the data collection process.

Other functionalities include:

  • Select field mapping on both Magento and CustomerGauge.
  • The ability to manually "push" data to CustomerGauge – a particularly useful function for historical orders on first time use.
  • The ability to automatically "push" all orders upon completion.
  • The possibility to test in CustomerGauge development prior to pushing it to a production environment.

Why it's valuable

For Magento users, integrating with CustomerGauge means that the feedback collection process is fully automated, and businesses are automatically provided with the tools to close the loop on customer issues. Users also have access to the CustomerGauge system’s comprehensive suite of real-time analytics. With this extension, ecommerce organisations around the world have an enormous potential to bring the voice of customer into the organisation and nurture a more loyal, profitable customer base.

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