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CustomerGauge as a Sales Tool?

Blog by Ian Luck
February 14, 2018

When I was selling at Cognos, we learned about ‘relationship mapping’. Salespeople work to uncover the the internal ‘Coach’ and they help you navigate the Influencer Roles, Levels, and Preferences. What you are looking for essentially, is a path towards success. Who can you rely on and which person will become a champion of your product or service? Here is a good blog on the process by Steve Jeffes.

The beauty of this process is that you take the time to learn what each person is looking for and what motivation they have in evaluating your service.

In today’s fast paced SaaS sales world, we sometime, miss (forget) the opportunity to find out the buyer's intentions and the identify what they think of your solution. With this in mind, we are trying something new here at CustomerGauge that I would like to share with other sales folks - We are sending follow up transactional surveys to those individuals who sit through a demo of our product.

Why is this cool?

  • You can send transactional surveys and track the information through (or any CRM). Our Sales Team clicks once in the CRM and CustomerGauge sends out a survey!
  • You can now get feedback from those who speak with us.
  • You get very helpful CG reports emailed to you (daily, weekly, whatever works for you) on who took the survey and what they said!

Why is this a Sales Tool?

  • As a Sales Manager, you have access to feedback from prospects. Find out first hand how qualified your leads are!
  • As a Sales Leader, you can drill into consistency of your message. Determine what is working and what needs to be improved within your Sales Team and determine what your next training should be!
  • As a Sales Person, this helps you identify who is truly interested in speaking with you.

An Example:

Company X decided to sign-up for a demo of CustomerGauge just last week. The account representative walked them through the demo as requested and then clicked the “Send Sales Demo Survey” link in Salesforce. The prospect received the beautifully HTML coded CustomerGauge email you see below:

[caption id="attachment_18327" align="aligncenter" width="600"]short surveys over longer ones In two simple steps, the prospect indicates where the demo fell short or excelled.[/caption]

And this is where it gets interesting....

The next day we received feedback! Here’s what we learned:

  • They gave us a 9 on the “impressed” scale
  • Reasons being: The Sales Advisor Experience, Advisor's explanations were easy to understand Sales, Call was an appropriate length, Friendliness of advisor, and Knowledge of advisor.
  • They mentioned their likelihood to buy CustomerGauge “Increased a lot”
  • And they gave us a product suggestion to boot!

And that ladies and gentlemen is what we call a win,

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