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CustomerGauge first with full API support for Net Promoter


CustomerGauge is now available with a full range of API (Application Programming Interface) methods to connect to enterprise systems, so now it's simple to connect to ERP, CRM, BI and e-commerce systems and measure Net Promoter® Score. It is the first fully automated Net Promoter Score platform with an enterprise level API.


Using the API, CustomerGauge clients have already been able to integrate service-request systems, IVRs and other enterprise systems to contact customers and measure NPS in real-time, feeding results directly back into corporate systems.

One client uses the API to send customer details to CustomerGauge as soon as an agent hangs up the phone, and within two minutes the same customer receives an email survey to gather a score and a comment. The results of this activity have pushed response above 50%.

Another client is using the API to push customer issues directly into in order to "Close the loop" with the wider organisation.

And another client is using multiple platforms to survey, including graphically based iPad systems, all based on communicating results to CustomerGauge with our secure API.

[caption id="attachment_2237" align="alignnone" width="500" caption="Using an iPad for a CustomerGauge survey"]ipad_customergauge.jpg[/caption]

These CustomerGauge platform integrations are simple and quick to implement, and mean that NPS can be easily rolled out across organisations by connecting with diverse IT platforms.

Developers can start directly with our documentation. To understand more about how CustomerGauge can be integrated with other systems, contact us.

Next Up: CustomerGauge Security Enhancements: November 2011 Release

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