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CustomerGauge Helps Aegon Insure Customer Happiness

Aegon is a multinational life insurance, pensions and asset management company headquartered in The Hague, the Netherlands. With around 24,000 employees serving millions of customers globally, bringing the Voice of Customer into the organisation in a structured way is a vital strategy to identify the root cause of customer issues and ensure customer-centricity at all levels of the organisation.

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Video Highlights: Net Promoter in the Insurance Industry

Rollout Across 47 Departments

The organisation has embedded the CustomerGauge platform across 47 departments, where it is enabling Aegon to automatically alert staff to customer issues, identify root causes, and track trends. A particularly interesting point to note is that Aegon is an early adopter of the CustomerGauge Hierarchy Report - using this feature to monitor Net Promoter performance across different departments, teams and even down to individual level.

"Serving the Real Customer"

The company previously worked closely with intermediaries to provide products to be sold to end customers. But in recent times, this has changed, and Aegon is increasingly dealing directly with customers - something that was a direct factor in choosing to partner with CustomerGauge. "The world is changing, technology is changing, customers are changing, and we're transforming form a product-driven company who served intermediaries to a customer driven organisation, which serves the real customer," noted Han de Ruijter, Chief Customer Officer.

Johanneke Behrend, Manager of Customer Experience, added: "We want to learn from customer feedback. In the beginning, everyone said, why should we learn from customer feedback? Because we already know what customers want and need." But after seeing the results, everyone understands that it is crucial to learn from your customers directly.

Energizing Frontline Staff

Aegon uses CustomerGauge to survey customer transactions at a customer support level, and this is having a direct positive impact on support culture.

As explained by Ruben de Haas, "If you get positive remarks back from customers, you start the day on a high, and if not, it gives you something to aim for by the end of the day." 

Learn more about improving customer experience and raising loyalty with this short video series.

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