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How CustomerGauge helps Black Duck Software stay innovative

Black Duck Software is an international subscription-based enterprise software company that solves the logistical challenges of managing open-source technologies and methods. With a commitment to continually find ways to improve their customer’s strategic use of open-source, they have a vital need to know just how their customers perceive them and their products.

The insidious side of success

Being a successful subscription-based enterprise software company, Black Duck are always weary of falling prey to the “innovators dilemma”: Relying on what made them successful is exactly what makes them vulnerable to competition. The Net Promoter System then, has become a critical tool by which to measure how customers are experiencing their product, so that they may stay ahead of the market.

They quickly came to realize that with all their success and passionate internal debates they were potentially creating an atmosphere that everything they were doing was correct. NPS then, gave them the opportunity to discover what was going on in the minds of their customers, rather than leaving this up to assumption.

Visibility is key

To make their NPS really work for them, they quickly came to realize that making the NPS score visible throughout their organization was key. As Phil Granof, EVP and Chief Marketing Officer, so aptly puts it: “Presence makes it part of the organization. If you don’t have the presence, then it’s something that’s hidden in a book somewhere and then who cares? But if you want it to be part of the culture, make it visible.”

Putting the CustomerGauge dashboard on their digital signage throughout their organization meant they were able to get the most value out of it. For their own employees, as well as people that come into their organization it’s a conversation starter and a flow of ideas.

To learn more about how we helped our clients increase loyalty and customer happiness, watch our short video series.

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