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CustomerGauge Internet-Connected "AnalogGauge" shows Net Promoter® Score in Real Time

Blog by Ian Luck
February 14, 2018

real-analogue-gauge-reflect-500-crop-312x400.jpgCustomerGauge announce a breakthrough in real-time display of Net Promoter® Score with the stand-alone "AnalogGauge", an internet-connected device with a moving needles showing the score for various times and segments. Building on the success of our real-time digital signage systems which utilise a plasma or large screen, the new device is designed to sit on the CEOs desk (or the desk of any member of the company's Net Promoter team). The production model will show customer responses in real-time from CustomerGauge and Recommendi and display the overall score for a periods or segments that can be easily set on the controlling website.

Why wait for a score?

We'd like to think this shows our commitment to showing instantaneous results from our measurement systems so our clients can make adjustments in real time. Not only can clients drill into up-to-the minute comments and scores on the CustomerGauge dashboard, but can get the results displayed, tweeted or pushed into CRM systems via our APIs. We believe there is not a comparable system on the market that show feedback in this way, or offer such flexible integration options.

We are working hard to bring the product on sale in the second half of the year - it will be available to all CustomerGauge clients as a simple plug-in, and later as a display option for other measurement providers.  More details on the AnalogGauge on request.

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