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CustomerGauge Keynote at eCommerce Expo, London Oct 20

Blog by Ian Luck
February 14, 2018

CustomerGauge will be showcased in a collaboration with Philips at the Keynote Theatre at eCommerce Expo, 20 Oct 2010, London.

In the presentation "How to Build a Customer Retention Robot", Serge Acker (General Manager Global Direct Online Sales, Philips) and Adam Dorrell (CEO CustomerGauge) will describe how Philips Global Flagship Online Store measures its customer experience on a daily basis. The presentation explains:

  • how to survey customers after every transaction using the Net Promoter Score® methodology
  • segment customers into high/low value and promoters/detractors
  • use workflow for fire-fighting on a one-by-one basis as needed
  • use feedback analysis to make close-loop reporting, and do fire-prevention“ strategically improving processes
  • encourage customers to get engaged with product reviews
  • help customers recommend the store to friends
  • rescue and reward high value customers

The keynote is Wednesday 20 October, 10:15-10:45. Venue: Olympia. Full details of the event are on the eCommerce Expo UK site. Looking forward to seeing you there!

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