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CustomerGauge makes feedback look fabulous on the iPad; also in multiple languages

Why keep valuable customer feedback for just the elite few in your organisation? CustomerGauge helps you share comments with everyone in the organisation simply and for just a nominal extra charge per user.

Our new "Everywhere" interface CustomerGauge is fully compatible with all modern browsers, and it works brilliantly on an iPad. Designed for global rollouts, it is intuitive and fast to learn. A typical enterprise rollout can have menu items suppressed, and results filtered to just the branch or country as needed. Perfect for tailored delivery of real-time comments - an ideal way of helping increase your Net Promoter® Score.

We highlight some of the features in the short video below.

Do let us know if you would like to test it on your iPad, or indeed other computing device. Contact us for a demo.

¿Hablas Español? Parli Italiano? Sprechen sie Deutsch?


It took us a few years to translate the CustomerGauge platform but with the new interface we have already been able to add Italian, German and Spanish. One day, considering we are based in Amsterdam in the Netherlands, we might even add Dutch - for the Dutch Effect!

Next Up: Net Promoter News: Oooh Matron! UK Gov’s NHS rollout, Everything Everywhere go NPS, Net Promoter in Mad-Men land, Shoretel +63

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