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CustomerGauge News Digest February 2008

Blog by Adam Dorrell
February 14, 2018
Philips chooses CustomerGauge to measure Net Promoter Score Philips LogoWe are proud to announce that Philips Consumer Products chose CustomerGauge as their Net Promoter and customer feedback tool for the Philips Online shop. We have been partners of Philips since 2006, and much development work on CustomerGauge was done in conjunction with Philips.


Upgraded Comments ClassificationHow can you prioritise where to improve your business first? And are you getting better or worse in specific areas? CustomerGauge helps you by reviewing customer comments, and helping you organise them by assigning “reasons” why each customer was unhappy (or satisfied). The result is a “Voice of Customer” neatly organised.... [more]CustomerGauge adds Automatic Testimonial Publisher"When I first started in marketing, we used to proudly publish the comments of satisfied customers in our monthly Tecno catalogue".... now a new feature to CustomerGauge that allows clients to simply publish comments in seconds [more]


Net Promoter Score to win in ‘08!“Prediction is very difficult, especially about the future” said the Danish physicist Niels Bohr.... Learn how IBM predict that 2008 will be the year of Customer Satisfaction - or at least it’s the No.1 issue for retailers…we predict that more companies will focus on the customer this year, and that they will use the simple tool of the Net Promoter Score [more ]Good is (on the side of the) RightIn the world of surveying, which side is “good” on? Left? Or right? Read why it's almost always on the right in our “Survey Idols” section [ more ]Final Thought:Percentage** of business executives believing they are doing a good job in serving customers: 80% Percentage of customers who agree: 8%CustomerGauge is a hosted software tool from Directness BV that helps organisations to measure customer loyalty, understand customer sentiment, and respond to customer comments. Compatible with the Net Promoter® Score*, CustomerGauge allows organisations improve customer relationships and encourage loyalty, most immediately in e-commerce functionsOther Resources:
*Source: BAIN and Co 2006
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