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CustomerGauge Unveils Enhanced Single Sign-On; Now Supports All SAML 2.0 Compliant Systems.

Blog by Ian Luck
September 15, 2020

CustomerGauge is thrilled to announce the launch of our enhanced Single Sign-On (SSO) offering, which now covers ANY SAML 2.0 compliant Identity Providers (IDPs) (yes, even custom IDPs)! It’s now easier than ever to allow your users to seamlessly log into CustomerGauge from different systems, without having to remember yet another set of credentials. 

The highlights,

  • The new SSO supports any Identity Provider (Standard and Custom) that is compliant with SAML 2.0 protocol 

  • Allows for the setup of multiple Identity Providers (for example Salesforce and GSuite) to one CustomerGauge system. Ideal for global companies that may have more than one identity provider in their organization.

  • Full Self-Service controls available for setup from inside the CG platform

  • Some examples of standard systems supported - Salesforce, Okta, Azure Active Directory, GSuite, etc.

For those of you who are not familiar with the acronym (as was I, before taking on this project), IDP stands for “Identity Provider”. What this means is, essentially, instead of creating someone a user license and granting them access directly in the CustomerGauge platform/user interface, you are instead granting someone access to CustomerGauge based on the fact that they already have approved credentials with another system that you use. That system is known as the “identity provider” (IDP). Often, that system & credentials will be used for logging into other software as well. 

Some benefits of setting up SSO with CustomerGauge via an IDP include:

  • A speedier/more streamlined login experience

  • One less set of passwords/credentials for your users to remember

  • Additional security (once someone loses access to your IDP, they also lose access to CustomerGauge as well, for example, when someone leaves your organization)

If you’ve seen an option on other software or websites (I’m sure you have!) that say “Login with Google” (GSuite) or “Login with Facebook”, etc. then you are already familiar with this concept! Here’s what it looks like in action, with CustomerGauge:

Again, and as you may have noticed above, we do support the ability to have more than one IDP feed into the same CustomerGauge platform. So if you work in a global organization or an organization that has multiple IDPs with different employees using different ones, it’s no issue. This is also quite beneficial for getting other departments engaged with CustomerGauge. Because the system can be of use to so many different people and departments within your organization, it’s good that you have the ability to easily grant any of them access using this functionality.

This feature is fully self-service, so once you have it added in, you can do all the setup yourself. As there is some small amount of set-up required, we have a section in the platform called “SSO” (under the Admin menu) as well as the required support documentation that will allow you to get this up and running without any involvement from CG required (unless you need us!). Because you will need to enter some settings into your IDP, it’s helpful to have one of your IDP administrators available as well.

Here are some examples of different IDPs that are commonly used among our customers and are compatible with this functionality:

  • GSuite (Google)

  • Okta

  • Salesforce

  • Microsoft Azure/Active Directory

  • F5

  • Any custom IDP that can comply with SAML2.0 protocol

Ready to try it out? Have a look through our support documentation and reach out to your CSM to activate this amazing new feature in your platform!

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