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CustomerGauge updates: More metrics, KPIs and customizable views

Blog by Ian Luck
February 14, 2018

Big news for our Report Designer! You can now do even more detailed reporting as well as set KPIs for your Workflow activities.

The More Metrics the Merrier

We've increased the number of metrics you can chart in most of our Report Designer widgets. Previously the Segment, Time and Table widgets allowed you to track 10 different metrics like NPS®, Responses, and Response Rate, but now you can choose from up to 25 different options.

We've included metrics like Comment Percentage and Promoters/Passives/Detractors Percentage, but most importantly you can now chart Workflow Metrics like the number and percentage of Total Cases, Open/Progress/Closed cases and more.


Workflow KPIs

The most exciting new metrics are our Workflow KPIs, which allow you to set KPIs for follow up and case closing under the report collection's General Settings. Along with being able to chart the number and percentage of cases that are followed up and closed within the set times.


Table Summary: Select and Sort Columns

In the Table Summary widget you can now easily add, remove and reorder columns to create your preferred table view from 25 different column options with our handy new selection feature.This means you are no longer restricted to the preconfigured table views.


General Settings

The Report Designer widgets, as you know, are individually customizable but we have added a ON/OFF type setting that makes it easy to switch between using individual widget settings and the general report settings.


Learn more about CustomerGauge or try our free 10-day trial. For our current clients that need more information, please contact your operations representative.

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