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CustomerGauge updates: Report designer, eNPS and CES improvements

Blog by Ian Luck
February 14, 2018

CustomerGauge is excited to let you know about some recent feature updates to the CustomerGauge platform.

Report Designer

Our next generation Report Designer feature gives companies the freedom to create real-time report collections of their choice; with more than 20 different reporting widgets, data filter options, automated periodic emailing, multiple report collections and show in menu options. So to ensure we continue to give our customers the reports they need and want, we have added two new widgets:

  • Segment over time - Choose a metric (NPS, response, response %) and the widget plots multiple segments on a line chart over a selected period of time.
  • Upload list - This widget gives you a simple overview of the last 10 uploaded files, so you can be sure your uploads made it safely.


We have also made improvements to already existing Report Designer features:

  • The self-select option in our surveys allows respondents to select the reasons and sub-reasons behind their score. These widgets can now be filtered by loyalty. So you can now show the reasons and sub-reasons of only Promoters, Passives or Detractors.
  • The Report Dispatch email report now includes a link directly to the corresponding report collection in CustomerGauge.


Our Employee Net Promoter product offering just got a new report added to it. The Data Transport Report now allows users to track their data status - uploaded numbers, sent numbers, responses, unsubscribes and more - all completely anonymous to ensure the confidentiality of the survey respondents.

Customer Effort Score (CES) Widget

We now have CES 2.0 survey question. The new version is available on the survey builder with a corresponding report designer widget.

Did you know that you can view Data Transport Statistics for one particular upload? Drill down on recent uploads to view how many emails were successfully delivered and how many bounced, unsubscribed, etc. For an even better overview, you can now see the three different upload types in different tabs: Manual Import, SFTP, and API.

This benefits customers who upload via both API and SFTP/In-app and have a large number of API calls that their manual uploads gets hidden or difficult to find.

Learn more about CustomerGauge or try our free 10-day trial. For our current clients that need more information, please contact your operations representative.

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