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CustomerGauge White Paper

whitepaper imageCustomerGauge Product Description 29-feb-2008 - PDF (660K) Now available for download - a complete CustomerGauge Product Description in the form of a white paper: Measuring loyalty and understanding the "Voice of the Customer" to improve customer experience using CustomerGauge.Contents:
  • Introduction to measuring customer loyalty
  • Quantative data - Net Promoter Score
  • Sales Cycle measurement
  • Qualitative data - Customer Feedback
  • Advanced customer segmentation: The Loyalty/Value matrix
  • CustomerGauge operation
  • CustomerGauge usage and return on investment
  • CustomerGauge Technology
  • Module Description: 1. Main monitoring system: "Measurement" 2. Optional module: "Measurement+" 3. Optional module: "Understanding" 4. Optional module: "Respond" Other optional modules
CustomerGauge Product Description 29-feb-2008 - PDF (660K)

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