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Delivering a World-Class Guest Experience: Areas’ 2018 Leadership Rally

Blog by Ian Luck
August 19, 2020

Areas’ guest experience excellence doesn’t happen by chance. As the third largest travel catering & retail services company in the world, Areas’ 21,000 employees serve an average 330 million customers per year—meaning creating a consistent, world-class customer experience (or as Areas’ calls it “guest” experience) is no easy feat.

However, with an overall Net Promoter Score® of 84, Areas US and its array of locations and brands are breaking records within the industry. In fact, according to CustomerGauge’s upcoming 2018 NPS & CX Benchmarks report, Areas is +30 points above the retail industry average Net Promoter Score.

For a second year in a row since becoming a Areas US’ business partner, CustomerGauge was invited to take part in the Business Partner Expo at Areas’ 2018 Leadership Rally. As part of the event, myself and Lead Customer Success Manager, Andrew Todtenkopf, flew down to sunny Orlando for two days of networking and presentations. There, we got to see first-hand the reason Areas holds such a high Net Promoter Score in their industry—putting the guest at the core of their business.

Over the course of two days, we met the senior managers and leaders of Areas, along with those operational managers who help ensure an optimal guest experience in every facet of Areas’ business—from the Wendy’s in Miami to the Ruby Tuesdays in Newark. As their Net Promoter® software provider, it was incredible to see how invested every employee of Areas’ was not just in Net Promoter and the CustomerGauge system, but their own responsibility in delivering on promises to their guests.

With a presence in some of the busiest places in the world, CustomerGauge has helped Areas capture the guest experience for people on the go. To ensure a consistent experience at every brand and location, Areas provides extensive training in Net Promoter and closing the loop at the frontline, management and executive levels.

By the end of our trip, it was clear this dedication to CX and Net Promoter best practices has paid dividends for Areas. On the final day of the conference, our Lead CSM, Andrew, wanted to show Areas just how much incredible progress they’ve made. Of those Areas’ guests who visited and provided feedback—a large majority of them were promoters, and Areas’ Net Promoter Score has grown year over year as a result.

Thanks again to Areas for inviting us to the Business Partner Expo. We can’t wait to see what amazing things the team does in the future.

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