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Direct Sales Toolkit: Why Sell Online?

Blog by Adam Dorrell
February 14, 2018
In my line of work, I regularly meet executives from manufacturers who have started direct to consumer (D2C) online sales operations. And I can almost guarantee that by the time I'm stirring my coffee we are swapping stories about channel conflict, and about how many knives we have had to pull out of our back as result of internal politics.Well, it's time to for this battle to stop. Manufacturers are selling direct to consumers - they have been for many years. And the sky has not fallen. Manfacturers D2C did not cause the current slowdown in retail. In fact, selling direct to consumers is likely to benefit the channel, as the makers get a taste directly of consumers problems (or delighted experiences) with their products.Here's our olive branch to warring factions in the retailer v manufacturer conflict: A direct sales toolkit put together as a result of talking to many manufacturers (including Consumer Electronics market). It contains best practices ("Why sell direct?") plus a communication plan to help trust and transparency between parties.  It also features a broad strategy plan, plus a traffic light report card to help guide parts of the business.Of course it's just a start, but I hope it helps you if you are thinking of starting to sell online, or are struggling with apparent channel conflict.You can find the the full presentation on the LinkedIn group of professionals “Manufacturer D2C e-commerce Europe” - the group is limited to managers and execs who work for major-brands, wishing to sell direct.Or email me: info at and I can send you a copy.
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