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Everything you Need to Know about CustomerGauge's Latest Updates!

February 14, 2018

CustomerGauge's product team is extremely happy to share with you our latest product updates. We put to work our creativity, while taking into account your needs to make the CustomerGauge product even more powerful.

Here is a recap of the most exciting updates in August.

1. Your Login Dashboard, Your Way

We believe that providing a stellar customer experience starts with putting the right information in front of the right people. With that in mind we’ve made creating powerful, stunningly visual dashboards is as easy as 1, 2, 3!


With the Report Hub, you can tailor your login dashboard based on user roles to ensure your users are seeing the information most relevant to them while enjoying unparalleled flexibility with 30+ reporting options, data parameters, filter settings and more. It’s just a few click!

Learn how to set it up for your system here.

2. More Email Report Options for You

CustomerGauge Report Hub

Looking to get more stakeholders involved in your program?

Designing and sharing reports from inside the CustomerGauge platform (Report Hub feature) is simple.

In addition to being able to send your daily, weekly and monthly tailored reports in the email body or as a PNG attachment format, we have added the option of PDF attachment format to help you increase program engagement with key stakeholders.

Read more on how you can set this up for your system and users here.

#Protip: Setup relevant reports for each department in your business. For example -  for your Customer Success Team set up a report to help them stay on top of their Accounts, NPS & Revenue based on the different regions you operate in. For your IT team set up a report to help them track Daily Data Uploads via API, SFTP and In-tool uploads.

3. Integration Diagnostics Made Easy  

No CRM too complex, no integration too complicated. At CustomerGauge, we’ve worked hard to take the complexity out of integrations and simplify it down to just a few steps for you.

Our advanced integrations makes it easier than ever to push and pull your customer data between CustomerGauge and your CRM for real-time monitoring and close-loop actions — no technical expertise needed, or development from your team. And it connects to more than 15 CRMs. Yes, you heard right!

This summer, we enhanced our integration feature to come fully loaded with diagnostics and alerts to help you troubleshoot in real-time should you have any issues.

CustomerGauge Intregra

Click here to know more on how integration and the new diagnostic add-on works!

4. Automated Coupon Campaigns, Thank You Notes and More

Are you looking to improve your customer experience program? We have expanded our automated campaign option to include the following functions:

    • Send a pre-survey alert emails to boost your response rate. This is especially effective for B2B businesses surveying their customers.
    • Send targeted coupon or marketing campaigns to activate your customers.
    • Or just thank your customers for responding to the survey! Let them know you are listening.

See an example of a coupon campaign in action.

5. Stay on Top of Your Drivers of Loyalty

We have added more reporting options to help you stay on top of your drivers of loyalty and detraction.

With CustomerGauge’s new drivers over time reporting widget you can track how a specific driver trends over time for NPS contribution and frequency, you can filter by loyalty, and much more.  You can find this in the Drivers Data Source -> Line Chart option.

CustomerGauge Drivers overtime reporting widget

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