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Free Webinar: The “Loyalty Robot”: Learn how to increase customer loyalty and grow online sales automatically

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(How a handful of customers can make or break you...)

One of the surprising secrets of e-commerce is that a small number of customers account for a large amount of sales. In fact, on a recent sample of large sites, just 7% of the customers accounted for 50% of sales revenue. For most e-commerce sites, this means if a few hundred customers decide to return or leave, it can make a big difference to hitting sales targets. In this webinar, aimed  at e-commerce professionals, we promise you will pick up some useful tips to improve customer retention.

  • How to identify and segment your top spending customers
  • Learn how to save money on acquisition and grow revenue from existing customers
  • Build a “Loyalty Robot” to automatically develop repeat business

Adam Dorrell (Managing Director of CustomerGauge) and Melanie Otersen (ex- SonyStyle online store, Europe) will outline how to succeed using a customer loyalty strategy, and show real-life examples with impressive  revenue growth.

Wednesday, 10 February, 2010.
Starting time:   17.00 Europe (Amsterdam, Paris), 16.00 London, 11.00 AM New York
Duration about 30 minutes. Free of charge, but limited places.

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