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The Hierarchy Report & Filter: A Bird's Eye View of the Organisation's Net Promoter Performance

Blog by Ian Luck
February 14, 2018

Comparing Business Divisions in the Organisational Hierarchy

Today, CustomerGauge launches a powerful new feature - the Hierarchy Report and Filter. Aimed at large organisations with multi-market Net Promoter programs and complex product offerings, the tool has two key benefits:

  • It gives a top down view of how different divisions of the organisation compare in a chosen level of a hierarchical structure.
  • It allows for the possibility to load new hierarchies into the system in separate files.


A bird's eye view of the hierarchy is beneficial to users because it makes it simple to compare products, teams, or other divisions in the same level of the organisation. For example, in the image above, a user with the Hierarchy Report & Filter would be easily able to compare New York, Boston, and Chicago, or markets Germany and the UK.

How it Works

A configurable feature available as an add on to users of the CustomerGauge Enterprise system, the new Hierarchy feature can be divided into two parts - the Hierarchy Report and the Hierarchy Filter. Here's a quick overview.

Hierarchy Report

The Hierarchy Report gives a topline view of how different divisions of the organisation compare in a chosen level of a hierarchical structure. In the example below, the user has selected "US Sales Division", as the level of the hierarchical tree they wish to view - which in this case includes teams in Boston and New York.

Once a hierarchical level has been chosen - in the below case, global sales teams - the Hierarchy Report gives an instant snapshot of how (in this case) "Boston" compares to the "New York" across a range of NPS score-related information and Firefighting metrics including Level 1 and Level 2 issues. This example shows two divisions from the same level, but could show more (or less) depending on how the hierarchy is structured.

[caption id="attachment_10542" align="aligncenter" width="486"]Boston New York Hierarchy Sample Hierarchy Report compares Net Promoter data for "Boston" and "New York" offices. Note that users can also access Level 1/Level 2 data[/caption]

Hierarchy Filter 

Users can also access the hierarchical tree from inside selected reports. When a user logs in and clicks on a report, they have the option to open the hierarchical tree, view the chosen report for a particular business unit, and drill down into the score and feedback. The Hierarchy Filter means that users can view and compare selected division or product data in these reports: Net Promoter Score, NPS Evolution, Responses, NPS Frequency, Self Select Issues, Waterfall, and Tags Report. See below for an example from the Net Promoter Score Report.

[caption id="attachment_10546" align="aligncenter" width="458"]NPS Hierarchy Filter A basic sample Hierarchy Filter for the Net Promoter Score Report: Note that users can drill down into reports to compare offices, teams, or even individuals in the same level of the hierarchical tree.[/caption]

Protecting Sensitive Data

The Hierarchy Report and Filter protects the integrity of sensitive information by enabling users to only access data below their login level. For example, if a country-level manager logs in to the system, they will be able to see how their country is performing and the individual units below it, such as cities, and individual stores. However, they will not have access to the same level in the hierarchical structure - in this case, other countries - or above.


The Hierarchy Report and Filter is particularly useful for large businesses with multi-market Net Promoter programs and/or multiple products as they seek to identify pockets of excellence (or areas which have challenges) within their organisation.

For example, one CustomerGauge client - a large manufacturer - uses the Hierarchy Report to track SKU (stock keeping units) across its product base. Because each SKU is tied to a particular factory, as its base data grows, the organisation is able to see which factories trigger more or less customer issues, better scores, and other key indicators the produced better performing products as measured by Net Promoter.

Get started now!

The Hierarchy Feature's powerful ability to analyse and compare business units ensures that organisations have the tools at hand to execute a fully-fledged Net Promoter System, rather than just measuring Net Promoter Score. For more information, contact CustomerGauge for a demo that will blow you away!

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