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How BILT Improved Their Customer's Customers NPS by 30 Points

Blog by Ian Luck
September 27, 2023

In the latest episode of the Account Experience podcast, Adam Dorrell welcomes Nate Henderson, CEO of BILT Incorporated, a SaaS company that improves assembly instructions into a user experience revolution that fundamentally changes the way users interact with the brands and products they buy.

Nate explains the impact of having digital interactive instructions for brands like Weber and Siemens. Of course, it reduces paper, but analyzing the way users interact with instructions helps continually improve them, and the immersive environment helps with registration and voice of customer feedback.

According to Nate, BILT’s 3D Intelligent Instructions increase Net Promoter Scores by up to 30 points. Reviews with higher star ratings have a dramatic impact on revenue. And the improved out-of-the-box experience also leads to fewer returns and up to 45% fewer calls to customer support.

Nate is also a passionate believer in the principles of Net Promoter and “Winning on Purpose”, the latest book by Fred Reichheld. He uses the book to provide a common purpose for the entire company and asks all prospective BILT employees to read the book before being interviewed. But Nate takes it a step further with a company book club to ensure the ideas of Customer Love are fully embraced by all employees!

This is an inspiring talk with a customer leader that has built a culture of empowerment. If you love NPS, you will enjoy listening to Nate.

Book suggestions:

  • How Will You Measure Your Life? - Clayton M Christensen

  • The Innovator's Dilemma - Clayton M Christensen

  • The Outward Mindset: Seeing Beyond Ourselves - The Arbinger Institute

  • From Impressed to Obsessed: 12 Principles for Turning Customers and Employees into Lifelong Fans - Jon Picoult

Looking to start a book club of your own? Don't miss these tips from Fred Reichheld!

A starter discussion guide for Winning on Purpose

To make reading groups most effective, companies can develop a discussion guide for leaders to use. Here is an abridged version of BILT’s guide, which might be a helpful starting point if you decide to hold discussion groups in your organization.

Introduction: Know Your Purpose

What does the book argue is the guiding purpose driving today’s most successful business organizations?

Chapter 1: Lead with Love

What are the key differences between customer capitalism and shareholder capitalism?

Chapter 2: Aim for Greatness

Charles Schwab CEO Walt Bettinger says, “NPS makes it safe for our people to always do the right thing.” Explain.

Chapter 3: Love Your Customers

Costco’s hierarchy of responsibility is to (1) the law, (2) their customers, (3) their employees, (4) their suppliers, and (5) their shareholders. Please comment.

Chapter 4: Inspire Your Teams

How can a company turn customer service from a cost center to a profit center?

Chapter 5: Respect Your Investors

How does putting customers first stoke the loyalty-growth engine and deliver value to investors? Do you think our board members fully appreciate the economics of loyalty?

Chapter 6: Honor the Golden Rule

The book argues that to live the Golden Rule, NPS surveys must be augmented with signals. Why this second data stream?

Chapter 7: Be Remarkable

Why is satisfaction the wrong target—and how do companies inspire innovation when it comes to CX? Why has e-commerce increased the importance of a “delightful digital welcome”?

Chapter 8: Be Persistent

What are some best-practice systems and rituals we should employ to reinforce company values?

Chapter 9: Be Humble

What is the Earned Growth metric? What level of Earned Growth should we be targeting?

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