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How HP Tronic Generated Referral Revenue With Account Experience

Quick Stats: 

  • HP Tronic leverages CustomerGauge to generate referral business
  • HP Tronic made up the cost of the entire CustomerGauge system with direct referral revenue in only a few short months
  • HP Tronic is also focused on creating an exceptional experience for their clients using CustomerGauge

HP Tronic is a leading multi-channel retailer in the Czech Republic and Slovakia with brands like Datart, Euronics,, and 

The CRM retention specialist, Václav Vajgl  for HP Tronic mentioned in a recent talk with CustomerGauge about the real true value of CustomerGauge and, spoiler alert, it's revenue!

"CustomerGauge paid for itself in the direct referral sales it creates." -Václav Vajgl

HP Tronic is a great example of a company utilizing Account Experience software and adding significant revenue back to the bottom-line by leveraging the power of customer referrals. 

Want to learn more about how CustomerGauge's Account Experience software can help you do the same thing? Check out the video below or click here for a demo of Account Experience today.

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