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How Macronet Services Maximizes Their Retention Rate With Technical & Business Support

Blog by Ian Luck
August 19, 2022

Macronet Services is a Solution Design firm for network infrastructure, Cloud and UCaaS and FinOps supporting clients globally. Macronet Services retention rates are impressive, however, what’s more impressive is their cross-sell and up-sell numbers.

90% of their existing customers will partner with Macronet for a new technology solution. This is a massive testament to their ability to not only serve their customers well, but build an enduring trust. Macronet attributes these connections to thoughtful implementation of best-practice customer success and experience tactics spread across the entire customer journey.

How many companies wish their Solution Architect or Customer Success Manager (CSM) could support all of their technology vendors? This is what Macronet specializes in which helps better shape customer outcomes more broadly. But with such a complex network of technology and vendors, it often takes tenacity to deliver an end-to-end solution.

“Technical Chops to work with customer outcomes derails the traditional mindset of a typical CSM contributor. As Orgs need to add multiple vendors into a solution, you better know your stuff and how to deliver on a maniacal customer experience,” explains Co-Founder Gary Sloper. “If we had 1-5 SaaS SKUs, that would be a different motion, but we support 80+.”

Macronet’s NPS provides great insight and finds their service review cadence provides a wealth of information on the health of their accounts. Implementing regular account check-ins based on the NPS feedback is critical to maintaining an industry-leading retention rate.

Sloper spent years as both a VP of Sales Engineering and Customer Success owning the life cycle for companies at places such as Lumen & Oracle.

“We saw a need when a customer needs both technical and business support and many vendors can’t connect the dots. Clients lose and that’s not acceptable. ” What’s unique is Macronet not only provides their Customer Success model for their responsibility of services, they advise vendors on how to build CS culture. It also allows them to stay current & relevant by learning what customers need.

“Customer Success starts with leadership; if the CEO of a SaaS company believes CS/CX is just a team, they already lost,” Sloper says. Macronet takes the learnings from their own experience program and offer an innovative ‘Customer Success as a Service’ solution that helps their clients maximize account retention rates.

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