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How to Increase your NPS by 11 points, and Other Tips

Blog by Ian Luck
February 14, 2018

If you were not at the 2013 CustomerGauge User Event, one presentation discussed topline statistics for a selection of CustomerGauge users over the past 12 months.

Below are a few of the key stats and what organisations can take away from them.

1. Closing the Loop will increase your NPS by 11 points!

We found that organisations which follow up on customer issues have an average NPS of +34, but for those which do not follow up, the average is only +23 - a whopping eleven-point difference. So if you don't follow up, and want to boost your score, you know what to do. (Hint: here is where the CustomerGauge Firefighting tool can really come in handy.)

[caption id="attachment_8066" align="aligncenter" width="573"]Firefighting2 Data based on 23 CustomerGauge users that do follow up, and 18 that do not, across B2B and B2C.[/caption]

2. It's time to speed up the Firefighting process

Workflow response time

The average Workflow Response Time stands at nine days - but leading CustomerGauge users are setting much stricter timelines, such as imposing KPIs on 24-hour or 48-hour deadlines to follow up with customers (see examples from Nlifisk-Advance and Kuoni)One-Touch Firefighting, a new CustomerGauge feature that complements the existing Firefighting tool, will be of significant assistance in helping organisations close the loop, fast, and see corresponding increases in the score.

3. A third of survey visits are from mobiles and tablets

2013 has seen a steady increase in the percentage of customers using mobile and tablets to visit surveys. Note that by August, almost one third of survey visits were from a mobile or tablet device. Are your Net Promoter surveys optimised for mobile? CustomerGauge surveys are - you can try a mock survey here.

Survey visits by platform

Three quick takeaways for 2014

Whether your organisation is B2B or B2C, three quick takeaways from these statistics are:

1. If you are not yet focusing on Firefighting as part of your Net Promoter program, doing so is a compelling opportunity to close the loop with your customers, transform Detractors into Promotors, and increase your organisation's NPS.

2. If you have already integrated Firefighting into your Net Promoter program, using a tool such as CustomerGauge Firefighting will reduce the amount of time it takes to close the loop and drive higher scores in the process.

3. If you are using a solution that does not have mobile-friendly surveys, you are missing out on up to one third of potential responses - a percentage that is increasing month by month.

Download the slides: CustomerGauge Statistics - October2013

Rhys Wesley

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