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Intercom and CustomerGauge Founders talk Customer Communications in Amsterdam

Blog by Ian Luck
February 14, 2018

[caption id="attachment_14739" align="alignright" width="337"]IMG_7283 CEO Adam Dorrell and Trishaala Chengappa speak with Des Traynor (center), founder of Intercom.[/caption]

Today Adam, Trishaala and Philippe of CustomerGauge met Chief Strategy Officer and founder of Intercom Des Traynor, in a sunny Amsterdam garden. CustomerGauge is a customer of Intercom – we embed it in our solution to make it easy to communicate to customers and trial users as they experience using CustomerGauge. We really like how easy it is to implement and send out rules-based messages.

We got the chance to ask Des a few questions about customer communication best practice and came away with some great ideas on how to improve our story.

  • Start by asking customers what their definitions of success are:  For example, it might be a complete Net Promoter measurement platform – or it could be just a cool report to impress their boss with.
  • Point out new features to clients regularly, like sending a report automatically each 30 days.
  • His passion is to make web business personal: he challenged us to do the same for our platform.

We’ve been thinking of ways of integrating better with Intercom so this gave us some good pointers. We also discussed Net Promoter with Des – he fessed up to not being a fan of using it as just a metric - but we all agreed that getting feedback from customers is vital to success. And this is something that’s in his company’s DNA as much as it is in ours.

We strongly recommend Des’s videos and book on Product Management.

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