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Kuoni takes Customers the Extra Mile with CustomerGauge

Blog by Ian Luck
February 14, 2018

Switzerland-based international travel operator Kuoni is no stranger to delivering an exceptional customer experience. In fact, the organisation has been awarded winner of the World's Leading Tour Operator at the World Travel Awards an impressive 11 times. But the organisation wanted to move its customer experience to new heights by capturing real time customer feedback and using it to make improvements to products and services.


In 2012, the organisation partnered with CustomerGauge to roll out Transactional Net Promoter surveys. The rollout was supported by an extensive internal communications campaign dubbed Kuoni Customer Love, which included change management materials presented in easy-to-understand, entertaining formats.

Following its initial surveys, Kuoni discovered that it has an unusually high percentage of Promoters among its customers. But while this finding was celebrated internally, close inspection of customer feedback revealed that occasionally, even Promoters had some small issues with aspects of their experience.

Said Thomas Walder, Head of Marketing Systems and Process Management, “We found that some customers would give us a 9 or 10 and leave a comment saying that they had been booking with us for fifteen years, but on this one trip there was one thing that went wrong, and they wanted to let us know about it.”

The organisation collaborated with CustomerGauge to configure its Net Promoter system so Promoter (and Passive) feedback has the option to be manually escalated within the organisation via the CustomerGauge Firefighting tool, and receive follow-up from Kuoni staff. This has enabled Kuoni to identify and quickly reach out to Promoters that have raised issues, strengthen already strong relationships, and position the business to keep receiving bookings and word-of-mouth referrals from its loyal customers. Whether a Detractor or Promoter, each Kuoni customer who raises an issue is contacted within 48 hours.


Following some fine-tuning of its survey rules, Kuoni is getting response rates of 43% and rising in key markets. Furthermore, the organisation is seeing a 91% correlation between booking frequency and Net Promoter Score trend.

"With such a strong positive correlation, we have a compelling business case to make sure our Promoters continue to be 100% delighted with their experiences, and resolve issues even with happy customers,” said Walder.

Check out Kuoni's full case study here

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