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Blog by Ian Luck
February 14, 2018
Using NPS allows us to fail fast and fail early. We dont have to go and spend all this time developing a feature that nobody actually wants. We have validation up front and confidence that we are building the right thing at the right time.

- Tim Clipsham, Product Manager at Ansarada

Ansarada is an Australian software company that helps all those involved in a merger or acquisition feel calm, confident and in control of the work they do with Ansarada's virtual data rooms. As a software company, they are continually evolving and adapting their product to meet their clients’ and the market’s needs.

Ansarada begins their design process by going through all the NPS feedback related to the design topic. This feedback becomes the basis for making sure that everything they do within the design process is exactly what customers need and nothing they don’t.

As the project is passed along to developers, the NPS feedback follows. Developers can then point to the appropriate feedback and demonstrate how it is being addressed in what they have developed.

With a finished product, marketing communicate and demonstrate to customers that their feedback was heard and put into action.

However, Ansarada takes it one step further and have built a KPI around NPS feedback that measures how many comments they address with any action they take, allowing them to understand the impact of the actions they take.

From design and development right through to marketing and sales, NPS has helped Ansarada each step of the way, to ensure that they are exactly in line with what customers need.

This case video was created in cooperation with Genroe.

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