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Meet the Gaugies: Senior Product Manager Trishaala Chengappa

Blog by Ian Luck
February 14, 2018

The first in our interview series with the leaders of CustomerGauge is Senior Product Manager Trishaala Chengappa. Starting off as a Client Operations Professional, then a Product Manager and now leading the Product team, Trishaala has been with CustomerGauge for six years. She recently sat down with me to give some insight on her perspective on the Product team and what it’s like working at CustomerGauge.

If you could describe the Product team in five words, what would they be?

Trishaala: "Lean and mean!  We thrive on being agile, focused and passionate about delivering highly innovative features to meet our customer's business needs.

Innovation is in our DNA—we strongly believe in needing to keep on moving forward and pushing boundaries in this highly competitive and agile environment. We are very focused on the areas we pick to work on and dedicated to making that a strength unparalleled by any other service provided in the industry. And we have fun doing it!

We are also an extremely passionate lot; talk to anyone on the Product team and you will hear their passion."

What is the biggest accomplishment that the Product team has achieved in the time you’ve been with CustomerGauge?

Trishaala: "I’d say that CustomerGauge as a product offering has always been very innovative, disruptive and ahead of its time. We’ve focused on releasing standardized enterprise level features with customer facing controls that are self-service. This criterion is applied to both our own ideas and customer ideas.

This approach means that every new feature released can immediately be used by all of our customers. And because it is standard we can bring new improvements to market faster. The customer facing controls gives our customers the configurability and the flexibility to manage or tweak most parts of CustomerGauge themselves if and when they want to.

Another accomplishment is that we have decreased our time to market while ensuring quality— currently, our release cycle for new features or improvements is every second week. And we invite beta customers to most projects that we undertake.

We’re always doing everything we can to deliver features that benefit our customers. Take for example our Seamless Integrations feature that offers Enterprise Level Integrations to more than 15 CRM’s all from inside our CustomerGauge application. We simplified the concept of integrations to a few steps while still allowing for all the complex use cases our customers require. The setup itself requires no technical development from our customers—it’s just plug and play and comes fully loaded with self-service controls & robust diagnostics. I don’t believe any other service providers offer this functionality at the same level that we do."

What’s your favorite part about working at CustomerGauge?

Trishaala: "A highlight for me is being able to come into work every day and work with extremely engaged customers and highly talented, cross-functional colleagues from around the world. It does not matter which team you represent or which team you work with—the energy is high and there is always a feeling that we are in this together— and we are going towards a shared common goal. That kind of energy level is infectious, motivating and always drives me to go above and beyond.

Besides that, I completely love is this beautiful Amsterdam harbor view from my desk. It is fantastic!"

What’s it like working in a global organization based out of Amsterdam?

Trishaala: "It’s been an amazing learning experience both work wise and on a personal level.

The CustomerGauge office in Amsterdam is a melting pot of cultures. It is a great working environment that embodies passion, learning, fun and respect. The organization has so seamlessly embraced all of the different cultures and has given me this opportunity to work closely with and learn from extremely talented individuals from across the world.

Also, Amsterdam is an amazing city to live and work in. The city is so charming with its quaint streets and beautiful canals that it never ceases to take my breath away. It has such a vibrant culture and an infectious energy, offering activities to cater to every individual's interest. From the time I moved to Amsterdam, I have had the opportunity to bicycle around town, learn to row in the Amstel, steer a boat through the canals, hike in the dunes, relax at a park and experience so many different food delicacies thanks to our multicultural office. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!"

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