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The Pivot Report: A Kaleidoscope for your Customer Data

Blog by Adam Dorrell
February 14, 2018

New feature: The Pivot Report

The latest addition to the comprehensive suite of real-time reporting features that CustomerGauge delivers to businesses around the world, the Pivot Report enables users to group and compare selected data by two different metrics and display the results graphically in a line, area, bar, or scatter chart.

For example, if a user wants to find out how NPS® varies by Country and Store, or comment responses volume varies by Sales Type and Gender, she can easily enter these fields into the feature and find out the results.

[caption id="attachment_6099" align="alignright" width="300"]CustomerGauge System - Pivot Report 3 Click for a larger image of this sample Pivot Report[/caption]

But... why is it useful?

By mixing and matching data and metrics, the CustomerGauge Pivot Report gives a kaleidoscopic view of data, and the opportunity to spot differences in loyalty that may not be immediately apparent in other Reports.

Example: When Super Ecommerce Organisation launched a new product across a number of European countries, the organisation's CX manager John implemented a Net Promoter program to measure and track advocacy.

While initial results were promising, he found that female customers of this product across these markets outnumbered male shoppers 3:2.

Since the product was aimed at males and females, could a difference in loyalty between male and female customers be the reason behind the discrepancy? John went to the Pivot Report to find out if there was a difference in NPS between his male and female customers on a market-by-market basis.

In the Reports menu on the CustomerGauge Dashboard, John clicked on Pivot Report and selected store and gender as the two metrics, and NPS as the data type. The results revealed that although there are variations in NPS across different markets, female customers consistently gave a higher NPS than men.

[caption id="attachment_6095" align="aligncenter" width="550"]The Pivot Report The Pivot Report for Super Ecommerce Organisation, with Gender and Store as the metrics selected.[/caption]

Armed with this information, John can dive back into the feedback, and based on what he finds there, consider how to rescue male customers or activate new customers from female advocates.

This is only one hypothetical situation in which the Pivot Report can be used, but with a broad range of metrics and data options to choose from, the new feature offers considerable scope to gain a fine-grain understanding of customer sentiment that is not to our knowledge matched by comparable platforms.

If you would like to use the Pivot Report, please contact your Client Ops professional.

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