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New Google-like Search in CustomerGauge

Blog by Adam Dorrell
February 14, 2018
According to Norse legend, the god Odin went to great lengths to acquire wisdom, sometimes enduring pain and self sacrifice. To learn how to cast powerful magic from ancient runes, he hanged himself upside down from the tree Yggdrasil at the end of the world for nine nights.Well, who's got that much time these days to get the answers from a simple question? To save you the troubles of Odin (a man so dedicated to learning wisdom he even gave up an eye for a drink from the well of knowledge), we bring the ability to make a Google-type search for customer feedback (or other order information) in CustomerGauge.search1smNow you can do a free-text search of the messages that CustomerGauge is collecting from your customers. For example: Which customers used the word "excellent" when referring to service? Or who said that delivery was "disgusting" in conjunction with Product A, but nor Product B.In addition, you can instantly search through any of the fields captured in CustomerGauge: Order number, Customer Number, email, name, dates, product information etc. Like Google, you can use Boolean search terms: "+excellent -not". We have optimised it, so it's super speedy, even through 100,000 records.search2We've used many ecommerce products, and think that this is better and faster than regular systems for searching through customer information. It's part of our tool set to help you manage your customer feedback better.We think Odin would have liked the idea, but would have likely rejected it as "too girly".
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