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NPS Leaders Say Stick to Shorter Surveys

Blog by Ian Luck
February 14, 2018

Customers Politely Say "Please don’t be an Askhole"

short surveys over longer ones 

NPS® leaders who were surveyed in the 2016 NPS Benchmarks Survey preferred short surveys over longer ones. 

Looking through the recent results of the NPS Benchmark Survey 2016  I was struck that NPS Leaders (defined as Net Promoter professionals that would recommend their program) are much better at getting the information they need from shorter surveys.  Factfans: 50% of NPS Leaders said that up to 3 questions is their favored option.

NPS Laggards are more likely to keep adding questions. Seems they just can’t resist asking for more  and more information – and about 13% of Laggards ask upwards of 26 questions! Apart from the issue of using up  customers time, these companies risk losing significant responses - we find that 5% - 10% fall off for each additional question.

Man asking too many questions (6)

I was talking with my fitness trainer at the weekend about what high performance people are likely to do and out of the blue he said “You know what we call people who ask too many questions?” At this point I thought I was distracting him too much.

Askholes” he grinned.  "And you know what? They always do the opposite of the advice you gave 'em, or at least ignore it".

I had to laugh. I'd just learned a new word - a great way to describe people that waste customers time!

Full disclosure: we recommend a limit of three questions in the CustomerGauge platform. So give your NPS survey a tough workout today, and burn off that question fat!

Start your survey diet today - download the NPS Benchmark Survey 2016 ebook-benchmarks

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