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NPS® News: Apple's Record Numbers, Lowe's Holistic Experience and AppDynamics's Customer-Centric Engineering.

Blog by Ian Luck
February 14, 2018

Leading the way: AppDynamics practices Customer-Centric Engineering

AppDynamics, the application intelligence vendor, is most likely going public later this year and they are doing all the right things in the lead up. Bookings doubled to $150 million on the previous year, 600 additional customers were added, and they grew from 365 employees to 600.

[caption id="attachment_14247" align="alignright" width="338"]Four businesspeople at boardroom table At AppDynamics the customer is made part of the process. Engineers and customers regularly meet and resolve problems.[/caption]

While, with a Net Promoter® Score that improved from 84 to 87, the company has not just the financial figures to show they are heading in the right direction, but also the customer feedback. What’s their secret? “Customer-centric engineering” says CEO Jyoti Bansal.

The company consists of self-organizing teams, no bigger than 30-35 people acting as key drivers of innovation. Each team has the user experience centralized. Customers are regularly brought into the office for meetings and calls to customers often take place, up to two or three times per week.

Customers are regularly brought into the office for meetings and entire development teams sit in on each meeting rather than just a select few. Teams are not required to ask permissions from those above to set up customer interactions and calls to customers often take place two or three times per week.

These measures are just a few that encapsulate the customer facing mentality of AppDynamics, to learn more about AppDynamics bright future, read the full article right here.

Lowe’s: Creating a brand that shines in-store and out

Customer experience is becoming ever more expansive, such that making your brand become part of everyday speech is something that Lowe’s is starting to master both offline and online.

Beginning on the ground, as a customer steps into a Lowe’s store they are able to enhance their experience by jumping online with Lowe’s iPhone app. With the app customers can access store maps to locate product locations, real-time inventory and their MyLowe’s account giving them access to ratings, reviews and purchase history.

The benefit of all this is that customers now have greater control in making decisions as product information and data is now in their hands, rather than in Lowe’s.

Lowe’s creates an online presence that is an interesting mix of informative, quirky and entertaining – depending on which platform you decide to look at. On one side they have the “isn’t that cute and cool” Vine life-hack videos, demonstrating simple solutions to life’s little annoyances.

Lowe’s is encapsulating the idea that customer experience needs to be about every touchpoint; from design, to research, to having the correct people and positions in place, to their non-selling focused service.

The result: An NPS that for the home improvement category is three times greater than the average for women and two times greater for men.

Read more about the Lowe’s experience right here.

Not pulling any punches, Apple’s record numbers

99satAs an Apple event is known to do, it launches new best in the market products before anyone has even tried them and casually displays market dominating stats to back it all up. And this year’s event is no different.

Reaffirming that they are still a giant in the smartphone market, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook stated the company had now sold over 700 million iPhones since its inception in 2007. And although there is a lot of chatter lately from commentators, journalists and tech experts about the device potentially falling behind its competitors, it is hard to see this happening anytime soon with a customer satisfaction rating of 99.

In Brief

InDemand Interpreting, a video remote interpreting company within the Healthcare industry has published a score of 62.

On-demand hybrid cloud hosting service, Codero Hosting announced recently a score of 70.

Financing and fleet management solutions company, Donlen, has come out with an NPS of 63.

Man Crates, the ecommerce company that delivers gifts for men and has grown its business by 400% in the last year, has published a whopping score of 88.

Mtel, a Bulgarian telecom has provided a score of 9.5.

The Investment Management Consultants Association (IMCA), a nonprofit investment consultancy and wealth management service has announced a score of 39.

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