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NPS® News: BlackBerry Rebrands to Stop $1.2 Billion Loss, Best Buy Continues to Lead and Employee Engagement Wins Customers

Blog by Ian Luck
February 14, 2018

How BlackBerry hopes to dominate B2B market after losing $1.2 billion

[caption id="attachment_15096" align="alignright" width="323"]pp_review_banner BlackBerry is hoping to grab the b2b market with their new device. Source: bbin[/caption]

For BlackBerry this wasn’t new ground, as it once dominated the b2b smartphone market. Working then with their in-house agency, Gyro, a campaign was launched around the new BlackBerry Passport. A five-inch square screen handheld device aimed at business professionals, as a serious tool rather than a “toy” like conventional smartphones.

And it seems to have paid off. The Passport has the highest NPS score in the history of BlackBerry, along with BlackBerry posting profits for the last couple of quarters.

Mr Wilson stated that it’s about creating value for their customers, and in the smartphone world the experience revolves around whether people want their product or not.

And appears people want their products, selling over 200,000 Passport devices in the first week of its launch and outstripping supply.

Read more about BlackBerry here.

Not all strategies need to be revolutionary: How Best Buy leads the market

Best Buy knows that customer experience in the retail marketplace is what really sets a company apart from the competition. And in Best Buy’s first-quarter earnings conference call this was consistently put at the forefront of their business ethos.

Distinct and yet complimentary, Best Buy has demarcated three key areas that comprise their experience: Online, in-store, and in-home. And across all three Best Buy has found that their strategy of ‘Advice, Service and Convenience at Competitive Prices,’ has been resonating with customers.

“We operate in a retail world where good service is expected, therefore, we have to continue to identify and eliminate customer pain points as quickly as possible and in parallel, continue to focus on building uniquely engaging customer experiences which will be the basis for stronger long-term customer loyalty.” said President and CEO Hubert Joy.

[caption id="attachment_15103" align="alignleft" width="314"]shipping_box_4_jpg_280x280_crop_q95 Best Buy offers a delivery and installation experience to suit customer needs.[/caption]

The CEO was also quick to point out that while merchandising, marketing and operational execution were the immediate drivers for their high performing first quarter. Strategically, Best Buy believed that their effort to improve their multichannel customer experience has had a cumulative impact that has helped them get to where they are.

While, Best Buy’s particular focus on the in-home experience has allowed them to competitively differentiate themselves, with a marked improvement in their NPS score in appliance delivery and installation.

By being able to deliver then an experience to customers where, when and how they want it, Best Buy has been able to remain a leader in their market.

Learn more about Best Buy’s success.

Employees save UK gym chain

In late 2012, UK gym chain Total Fitness was suffering badly. It had an NPS score of -31 and after a period of bankruptcy and new ownership, it had gone from 24 to 16 stores.

The problem was that Total Fitness for too long had been prioritizing sales of gym membership over people; both customers and the people they employed.

Under the new management there was a call for a focus on their customer experience to be spearheaded through better employee engagement. To help understand their customer experience the company introduced NPS and took measures to encourage staff feedback and input.

Upon launching NPS and being confronted with a score of -31, they knew straight away that this was where they had to focus their energy.

Today, it’s a completely different story. Climbing from a worst in the industry score, to now nine points above the average at +4, they have also experienced a 14% growth in membership across the last 2 years.

As Total Fitness’s, HR & customer experience director Russell Teale explained “it was becoming more and more apparent in the gym market that the only real differentiator was people.”

Read the full article.

In brief

LTC Consumer, an independent free online service for information on long-term care insurance has posted a score of 59.

CIGNA, the global health insurance organization has posted a poor -1.

The UK's largest independent store-based parcel delivery and returns service, CollectPlus, has a score of 37.

Birmingham’s International Convention Center has produced an impressive 68 over the last 12 months.

While, British automotive services company, RAC has a healthy score of 67.2.

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