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NPS® News: NPS's popularity, gamification creates loyalty, investment app creates brand evangelists and fast delivery creates promoters

Blog by Ian Luck
February 14, 2018

NPS might be the most popular CX metric, but brands still have a long way to go

A new report has found that more CX professionals use the Net Promoter System than any other metric. However, the report also uncovered that 33% of NPS users said they rarely use their results to implement any form of change.

The survey by Salmat of 288 CX professionals found that of the range of customer experience measurement tools being used, the most common was NPS with 39%. Followed by Grade of Service (34%), with Customer Experience Index and Customer Effort Score being less common.

The report also showed that despite there being an increasing demand for self-service customer interactions, with interactions expected to double by 2020, brands are failing to adapt quick enough. Which Salmat says is due to a lack of CX professionals listening to their customer measurement tools.

The report highlights even further troubles as brands are not only failing to implement the customer’s demand for better self-service, but it also uncovered among CX professionals a belief that no direct-contact with customers will impact loyalty.

The presents a real challenge for brands, as many are hesitant of self-service while at the same time their own customers are calling for more self-service.

As Sarah Pike, Chief Marketing Officer at Salmat says “Education is the real challenge for brands. CX professionals need guidance on how tools and technologies can be effectively implemented within their organisation to add value to the customer experience.”

Read more about what Salmat has to say right here.

How gamification helped one company jump 32 points in a year

At Veeam Software there is unwritten rule in their customer support department, and it’s that each customer leave happy and feeling loyal towards Veeam. And with an improvement of their Net Promoter® by 32 points in the last year to 62, it appears that it’s working.

[caption id="attachment_15546" align="alignright" width="260"]young-game-match-kids-large Introducing games into the day-to-day work routines makes for more motivated employees.[/caption]

The customer support engineers didn’t want the department’s motto just be a motto. And with their daily routine being repetitive, challenging and stressful around solving customer problems, they wanted something that creates motivation and real engagement with the needs of their customers. As a result Veeam introduced gamification to their customer support team.

The engineers wanted a tool that would provide individual productivity analytics, compare achievements across the team, show average team performance and bring a level of amusement to their routine activities.

The gamification system shows a weekly leaderboard, individual achievements, and a closed-case progress bar. The system then tracks each team member’s activities and assigns reward points for completed tasks.

For Veeam, the use of gamification has meant that managers are now able to improve performance by pinpointing problematic issues or bottlenecks in the work process, in turn creating an experience that creates loyal happy customers.

Read more about Veeam’s mission to inspire its customer support team.

New app activates brand evangelists through investment

A new fee-free investment app Loyal3, not only gives customers the opportunity to become investors but helps create brand evangelists in the process.

[caption id="attachment_15551" align="alignright" width="318"]person-woman-hand-smartphone Loyal3 says their investment app also creates brand advocacy.[/caption]

The new app lets retail investors buy into IPOs and a range of listed entities, with the likes of Apple, Facebook and Walt Disney already available for US investors. And while it is fee-free for investors, the app finances itself by having companies pay to have their shares sold via the app.

However, the really interesting facet is how the app allows companies to utilize existing customer relationships when going public to improve investment.

When GoPro decided last June to go public, the CEO sent an email to the 1.3 million people the company had in its database alerting them prior to the IPOs listing. The email gave them the chance to participate by using the Loyal3 app.

According to Loyal3’s CEO Barry Schneider, 16,500 responded to this email offer and GoPro raised more than US$58 million through Loyal3. While among those that participated in the float, a 15-point rise in GoPro’s Net Promoter score was recorded.

What the app does is not just open up investment opportunities to many more people, but turns customers into brand owners and advocates. With Schneider stating that those who invested in an IPO or listed company through Loyal3 showing a 22 point NPS increase compared with their non-invested peers.

Learn more about Loyal3’s relation to brand advocacy with the full story.

Retailers be warned: speedy shipping isn’t everything but it sure helps

What goes into making a loyal customer in the consumer goods market? The answer isn’t a simple one, but new research by Shopatron says that 87% of orders delivered in five days or less make for a loyal customer.

Shopatron used the NPS survey to understand the impact of shipping times on consumers’ perceptions of brands. And while 87% of those that received their orders in less than five days were promoters, if the order took more than five days the number of promoters dropped to just 66%.

Added to this, Shopatron found that shipments fulfilled directly by the brand instead of by a retail partner were, on average, significantly slower.

Shopatron believes then that those brands directly fulfilling their own deliveries are adversely affecting their customer loyalty, and as such measures need to be taken to improve their speed of delivery.

For more on Shopatron click here.

NPS in brief

Veeam Software, the Swiss information technology company developing backup, disaster recovery and virtualization management software has scored a 62.

The UK health provider Westfield Health has posted a score of 71.

Accolade Heatlh Assistants, which provides personal health assistance services to employees and dependents, has a score of 70.

While NPS research out of the South African market has Nokia at 40.9 and Samsung at 47.4.

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