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Presentations and Documents

Here are links to some useful documents for CustomerGauge to help businesses measure Net Promoter Score® and other field marketing metrics.


  • wt4a376b53c4240-thumb_medium CustomerGauge generic D2C (e-commerce) presentation - Automatically Measure Net Promoter Score®, Customer Voice etc... (May 2009) - pdf 10Mb
  • CustomerGauge generic b2b presentation - in-depth measurement of Net Promoter Score®, (May 2009) - pdf 9Mb
  • CustomerGauge Project Deliverables Document (Typical reports etc) (May 2009) - pdf 5Mb
  • Resource document 1: White Paper: Headcount implications for customer voice classification: (Jan 2009) - pdf 60Kb
  • Resource document 2: White Paper: Impact of Improving Net Promoter® Scores on Average OrderValue and overall sales (Jan 2009) pdf 80Kb
  • Resource document 3: White Paper: Surveying with CustomerGauge - Legal Considerations, privacy laws etc. (May 2009) - pdf 150Kb


  • wt4a376bca9794e-thumb_medium DemonstratorGauge - Field Marketing Measurement Remotely - presentation. (May 2009) - pdf 6Mb

Next Up: Net Promoter News: InvCap NPSd 66, Smart temps 74, HomeDep D-I-Y 61.5

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