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Rev your sales engine with Net Promoter (part two)

Blog by Ian Luck
February 14, 2018

Note: This is the second post in a series based on a webinar and presentation we gave which advises how to plan and implement a b2b Net Promoter program. Previous post: Use Net Promoter to put your sales team in the fast lane 

Part two: Implementation, measurement and acting on responses

There are a number of ways to organise data, but here we focus on two – the Top Box approach and segmenting by account manager.

A Top Box approach means that you rank your clients by revenue and then measure their value to your business against their level of advoacy. This helps you quickly rescue which of your high value customers are at risk, and reward those of your high value customers that promote your business.

[caption id="attachment_3978" align="alignright" width="300"]Rescue_reward_gfc550x302-300x164.jpg Rescue and reward your customers with the Top Box approach.[/caption]

Furthermore, you should segment data by account manager. This helps individual account manager access the feedback relevant to them, gives them a benchmark against which to measure their progress, and the information they need to maximize the potential value of their existing customers.

Acting on responses

1. Organise and be ready

Expect 50% or more of the responses to give comments. In a large organization, this may mean a considerable amount of comments, so it’s important to have help in place to understand and act on the feedback.

2. Acknowledge issues

It’s crucial to acknowledge issues as quickly as possible – we advise within 24 hours, and track these issues from open to close. (Hint: the CustomerGauge platform is a great tool to do this with). When you acknowledge an issue, let clients know the steps you are taking to solve it.

3. Categorise issues

Depending on the nature of the issue, deal with it tactically or strategically. Be prepared to escalate serious issues to a board level.

4. Share feedback with your organisation

There are a number of ways to do this – on the company intranet, digital signage, email, or even physical signs or cards. But having positive reinforcement through placing the voice of the customer into the organization daily has benefits for team morale, product improvement, and through making the workplace one where success is celebrated, it even positively impacts unexpected areas such as staff retention.

This is not a comprehensive list, (for more details listen to our webinar or see our presentation), but hopefully offers a few valuable insights to help you on your way to implementing a successful b2b Net Promoter program.

And believe us, your sales team will love it!

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