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"Silos = Customer Bermuda Triangle"

Blog by Adam Dorrell
February 14, 2018
Nice article from Jeanne Bliss on the MarketingProfs Site (registration may be required). Worth reading for Net Promoter people.Highlights:
  • CEOs are finding Net Promoter concept compelling - it's taking hold.
  • Look beyond the score (find ways to improve it)
  • Don't set arbitrary targets - make the relative
  • "identify customers who love you (Promoters) and those who don't (Detractors) and to tickle out the issues causing both situations."
  • "Silos = Customer Bermuda Triangle" - CEOs can act as the "glue" between silos to make sure customer issues don't get lost in between
  • Simplify and drive action. "The companies that are making traction with this action keep it simple. They provide execs with 5-10 customers per month to call."
  • Finally, a nice 90-day plan graphic.
Find it here.
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