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Stimulating the Reptile Brain with Net Promoter

Blog by Adam Dorrell
February 14, 2018
Somebody told me a few years ago that the best salespeople have a highly developed "Reptile Brain". I've thought about this over the years, and concluded this is not necessarily insulting. But it seems to me that the type of personality who can bring in the big deals (and pay all our salaries) has what might be called "the old mammalian brain" - less concerned with higher emotions, and good at what might be called the "Four Fs" (Feeding, Fighting, Fleeing, and er, Sexual Behaviour).smart companyTraditionally, motivating a salesperson is based on simple rewards and a big stick. So I was interested in this good article about how the role of the salesperson is changing in the age of the internet, relevant to CustomerGauge. It's an interview with Tom Snyder of sales consultancy Huthwaite, and can be found on Smart Company Australia [Sales jobs: On the road to nowhere (unless we detour)]Snyder argues that to get the best outcome for your company, you can't just commission salespeople on just revenue. You need to give them commission which is based partially on three different things. Profit, revenue and customer satisfaction.He proposes the most effective way he has found to measure customer satisfaction is on the Net Promoter Score. Exactly what a tool like CustomerGauge can help with.Worth reading through, even if it's just for the fantastically simple "voice mail" sales technique that I shall be trying myself, as I still consider myself to have a somewhat Reptile Brain, and still a salesperson. You'll have to read the article yourself for that gem!
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