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Survey Idol - One Question Survey Example

Customer Survey IdolsA link to a classic one-question Net Promoter survey, thanks to the Service Untitled blog. A good template for an NPS survey:
Subject: "(company name): 1-Question Survey"
Body: Hi -name-,
We are currently asking our customers to take a one-question
survey so that we can rate their level of satisfaction with
our company. If you have a few seconds, we would appreciate it
if you would answer our one-question survey found
by clicking the link below:
    [URL link]
Thank you for your continued support
Mr Smith
CEO, Company, LLC.
Here is the simple survey (note the 10 is on the right - see Good is on the side of right...)mailtrust_sm.jpgThe blogger comments on how he likes the survey, and suggests how he would improve it.Our product CustomerGauge does exactly what this describes - a simple one-page Net Promoter Survey and collects customer comments. Interestingly, many companies we work with (despite our advice) insist on adding a few more questions!To answer some of his comments: We have found that offering some sort of award (or possibility of an award) for participating is counter-productive. The best feedback comes from real "fans" of a brand, or those who are motivated to comment because of poor service. Rewards do not improve quality of feedback, merely quantity.

Next Up: Advisers are a promiscuous bunch, says recent survey...

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