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Take control of your customer experience program in under an hour with a flexible new data import feature from CustomerGauge.

Blog by Ian Luck
February 14, 2018

CustomerGauge, technology leader in automated customer experience feedback and Net Promoter® measurement platforms, announces an enhanced version of its in-application data import system with new features that allow users the flexibility to manually upload data sets of their choice.


Now users can get started on their feedback program faster than ever, as the system takes many types of file formats, and maps the field names automatically to CustomerGauge fields. Once the data is in the system, the user can immediately start emailing contacts and receiving feedback.

CustomerGauge has many time-saving features to help start Net Promoter programs – from pre-built email templates, to ready-configured survey types. With the new upload system, from start to finish, the process to get survey results and has been timed to complete in under one hour.

The simple and intuitive solution contains:

  • Multiple upload options to suit every need – upload a file, copy/paste or quickly input a contact manually.
  • Upload multiple data types – contact lists, transactions or historical data in Excel® format, CSV, TXT or XML formats.
  • “Copy Paste” data imports directly from Excel or Google Sheets.
  • No fixed format for data sets – completely flexible data sets accepted, data mapping, coupled with auto mapping suggestions.
  • Improved error notification and validation.

Users will no longer need to order their data set according to a prescribed format. The upload feature will perform automated data mapping to extract fields from the file and suggest matching CustomerGauge fields. To change the mapping, all that is needed is to choose the correct field from the drop down menu, with the option also available to ignore a field. It’s that simple!

As an additional feature, instead of importing files, CustomerGauge also offers a simple way of adding a small number of contacts with an additional “Manual Input” function. This allows the speedy addition of a contact or two in just seconds, rather than having to upload an entire data set.

The new in-app upload feature from CustomerGauge makes uploading customer data seamless. The power to control your Customer Experience program is now in your hands, enabling you the freedom and flexibility to bring your data as it is.

A trial version of CustomerGauge Essentials allows 30 days and 1000 emails for free. To signup head over to

If you are interested to learn more about the in-application import data feature, you can sign up to our webinar below.



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