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Case study: Applying forensic skills to customer feedback (Verafin, B2B)

SaaS provider Verafin is a leader in fraud detection and anti-money laundering software that supplies its solution to more than 1,000 banks and credit unions across North America.

In 2010, it conducted its first Net Promoter® survey with a simple “DIY” method. By 2011, the organization needed a robust solution to really embed Net Promoter within its organization and drive its customer experience forward.

Verafin worked with other solutions prior to partnering with CustomerGauge. However, because its entire organisztion is run out of Salesforce, a deeper integration with that platform was required than comparable systems provided. Based on the strengths of the CustomerGauge API, as well as the platform’s leading mix of analytics and reporting features, Verafin partnered with CustomerGauge in early 2013.

Verafin is now utilizing the CustomerGauge API to streamline data transfer between the two systems. The CustomerGauge API automatically queries Salesforce, retrieves the sending information or contact list, and dispatches surveys. After collecting the responses, the CustomerGauge API automatically re-connects to the Salesforce system, and updates (or creates) the relevant CRM records (task, case, activity etc.) in the Salesforce system.

“We can set up the rules with CustomerGauge where it can automatically pull the information from Salesforce, push the results back in, and create a case. This is exceptionally useful to us because we have always worked by cases in Salesforce,” said Amanda Dunn, Customer Relationship Manager.

The organization now has the pieces in place to really drive its customer experience forward, and is looking forward to expanding its data collection as it rolls out Transactional Surveys to complement its existing Relationship Surveys.

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