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Webinar: Six ways to operate a World Class NPS Program (recording)

Blog by Adam Dorrell
February 14, 2018

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Apple, American Express, [Your business here]: Do you want to operate a world class Net Promoter Program?

Learn how to make your business a customer service leader with our Webinar: Six ways to operate a world class NPS program.

The webinar was hosted by Adam Dorrell, CEO of CustomerGauge, and Michel Falcon, Principal of Falcon Consulting, and .

Presentation highlights: Six ways to operate a world class NPS program

Tip 1: Create initiatives to increase the good and decrease the bad Too often businesses gather feedback and let it sit in what Michel calls a “virtual storage unit.” Understand what you’re doing well, and repeat that across the enterprise. On the flipside, also understand what you’re doing badly, and although there may be a temptation to take it personally, instead use it as an opportunity to make operational improvements. Tip 2: Share, Share Share! Educate everyone across the organisation about Net Promoter. This is where Net Promoter is handy – its simplicity means it can be understood by everyone from the CEO to frontline employees. Tip 3: The score is for the scoreboard, and the comments are for the playbook. Too often organisations spend too much time obsessing over their score, but the true value is gaining insights from feedback, and keeping an eye on the score over time. Take the data and make your company more intelligent. Tip 4: Embed NPS into the DNA of the organisation. The simplicity of Net Promoter as a system means that even a few hours to educate new employees on its benefits can go a long way in shaping the culture for the organisation. Tip 5: Practice patience Michel suggests listening to feedback for a minimum of three months before implementing customer-driven change. Improving customer experiences is a long term commitment, not an overnight project. Tip 6: Understand the ROI to stay motivated Customer experience drives organic growth two ways; through Customer Lifetime Value (repeat purchases) and Customer Network Value (referrals).
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