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What's New At CustomerGauge? The Latest B2B CX Innovations.

Blog by Ian Luck
July 12, 2019

The last few months have been an exciting and busy time for everyone here at CustomerGauge. In partnership with our customers, we have released a powerful list of toolkits for the modern CX professionals. From addressing the underserved complexities of B2B CX programs with Account ExperienceTM to debuting breakthrough new native Salesforce integrations for tech users, CustomerGauge has been spearheading innovations in the CX space. And, truth be told, we’re giddy to tell someone about it.  

When we were developing these features, we wanted to really hone in on what aspects of the customer experience B2B companies struggle with. In a previous post, we explored what some of those roadblocks are, including a lack of insight into the customer journey and touch points, siloed customer data and linking the human element of CX with technology. Now, we’re building solutions to tackle these obstacles. 

Check out some of our latest product releases available now to see how CustomerGauge is reimagining B2B CX and customer-centric growth. 

360° View of B2B Accounts

In our recent Account Experience publications, we dove into current trends on the state of B2B CX. What we found was startling. According to Accenture, as many as 40% of B2B leaders are missing a clear view of their customers and their communication points.  

The mission then became clear: How do we give organizations from C-Suite to frontline operational leaders a clear view of their account experiences? Data visibility. 

Account Vitals, part of CustomerGauge’s Account Experience solution, breaks down organizational data silos and centralizes every detail of customer and account activity engagement so information can flow across people and teams. Experience teams and leaders are now better armed to address topics at the account level and across the customer journey—e.g. upsells and contact renewals, predict churn before it happens.

Using this feature, companies can track the health of account relationships with a real-time, 360° view of engagement— from support ticket systems to business reviews to CRM activities—all in a single dashboard. 

The Most Complex of Integration Requirements, Natively-Driven

As part of our Spring’19 release, CustomerGauge launched an enhancement to our native integration with Salesforce, the global leader of CRM. The new functionality, specifically designed to manage complex B2B business processes, allows for flexible, multi-object queries for a two-way integration between Salesforce and CustomerGauge. This empowers tech users to manage even the most complex of integration requirements and write queries in Salesforce Object Query Language (SOQL) to pull and push data to CustomerGauge.

We have offered multiple ways for clients to integrate to Salesforce (and 13 other CRM systems including Microsoft Dynamics and Netsuite) for several years now—via APIs and out-of-the-box functionalities. The newly built native integration sits on top of the existing Integration Hub, adding an extra layer of configurability specifically for Salesforce administrators. 

The native integration between CustomerGauge and Salesforce enables organizations to empower their administrators to:

  • Follow a guided process to setup a tailored configuration best suited for their needs 
  • Write Salesforce Object Query Language (SOQL) to clearly define the data (multi-object) to be pulled from their Salesforce system, the sync frequency, and the data to be shared back with the Salesforce system
  • Deploy the integration within minutes and leverage real-time diagnostics for quick troubleshooting of errors

Learn more about our new native integration.

Tailored Insights with Personalized Dashboards

Struggling to create buy-in across your organization? Get the right insights in front of the right people. 

Last month, we enhanced CustomerGauge’s Welcome dashboard to allow every user or a certain type of user role to configure exactly how they want insights to be displayed. Our mission? To empower users to see the information they want to see, in the way they like to see it.  

With CustomerGauge’s release of personalized dashboards it is now possible for clients to: 

  • Tailor their welcome dashboard to their needs
  • Have quicker access to the customer insights they care about the most
  • Reduce time to customer feedback action 

Unlock the Sentiment Behind Customer Comments

Sometimes how a customer speaks to you is just as important as what is being said. When your customers take the time to respond to your surveys or review invites, they tend to feel strongly about what they’re sharing and expect you to take notice and action. This means that the comments left by your customers are rich in polarized sentiments that can unlock a gold mine of insights for your company. 

Bring structure to the unstructured chaos of your customer data with CustomerGauge text analytics and sentiment analysis. Add richer narratives to account feedback and dig deeper into the reasons behind scores to tell the story in your data. 

Pre-Made Templates for Insights, Across Touch Points 

Getting your Account Experience program off the ground and running means implementing a strategic survey process. Surveys enable enterprises to measure the satisfaction and engagement of both accounts and customers, across the touchpoints that matter the most.

Quite often, we see our customers looking for inspiration when creating their email templates for their various survey campaigns. And we get it, when you are a million-dollar enterprise, dealing with hundreds of accounts, you want to reduce the setup time of your survey campaign as much as possible.

That’s why we recently launched a selection of out-of-the-box email templates for customer journey touchpoints. CustomerGauge clients can now simply grab the email template most relevant to their selected key touch points and go. Each template contains pre-made designs, text copy and branding options.

Here’s a B2B example of the email templates available across touch points:

  • Survey Pre-Invite
  • Survey Invite
  • Survey Reminder
  • Thank You - survey completion
  • Reviews Invite
  • Churn 

Looking to capture employee feedback as well? We've got survey email templates for that too.

Not a CustomerGauge client? Want to see these features in action? Book a demo with us to see how it all works.

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